Chamberlain B2405 Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart myQ Smartphone Controlled-Ultra Quiet, Strong Belt Drive, Wireless Keypad

Included, Blue Garage Door Opener.

Color: White

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  • Manufacturer: ‎Chamberlain
  • Part Number: ‎B2405
  • Item Weight: ‎36.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎26.75 x 13.13 x 9.94 inches
  • Country of Origin: ‎Mexico
  • Item model number: ‎B2405
  • Color: ‎White
  • Style: ‎Door Opener
  • Item Package Quantity: ‎1
  • Included Components: ‎Safety Sensors, 2 x 3-Button Remotes, Dual-Function Wall Control, Safety Sensors, 2 x 3-Button Remotes, Dual-Function Wall Control
  • Batteries Included?: ‎No
  • Batteries Required?: ‎No
  • Warranty Description: ‎Accessories: 1 Years, Belt: Lifetime, Parts: 5 Years, Motor: Lifetime


  • Smartphone control: Download the myQ app and follow the steps to connect your new garage door opener so you can control, secure and monitor the garage from your smartphone - anytime, from anywhere
  • Quiet operation: An ultra-quiet DC motor and soft start/stop smooth operation...

    User reviews

    We had an older, and I guess El Cheapo Chamberlain 1/2 HP chain drive opener that came with the house. It was mounted on the garage ceiling under my sons bedroom. It was SO LOUD you could hear it throughout the house and it would basically wake everyone up - We have some early risers in our house. Plus - it had no WiFi (did I say El Cheapo?). We were starting to have some issues with it, the wiring wasn't done very well, and the sensors were starting to act up.New sensors are like $40 at least and I saw this unit and how much features it has for the price ($209) and I thought it was a great value. We are very pleased with this opener. It took me the better part of a day to install it by myself. I am pretty handy but I have never worked on a garage door before so I proceeded slowly and methodically and everything went very smoothly. It took me probably 6 hours total. I was able to use the existing Ceiling Bracket which helped a lot. Also I didn't have to change the bracket which connects to the garage door - also helpful. I followed the directions in the book step by step and I honestly did not have any issues installation or with the WiFi or MyQ or connecting the controllers. So can't complain at all. It is 90% quieter than the old chain drive and the range on the controllers is much better. I used LED light bulbs and there is no problem. I connected the Homelink button in my Dodge Caravan this morning - again No Problem, and the range is WAY better. I used to have to get 5 feet away from the door before it opened, now it opens from the street.For $209 I think this is a really great value. It comes with 2 controllers, a wall mount controller, AND a wireless keypad which we did not have before.
    I bought the B2405 Opener with an 8 foot extension kit (the 8 foot kit was sold separately) to replace a somewhat older opener. Assembly and installation of the B2405 was easy, straight forward with a few basic tools. I took me maybe 45 - 50 minutes only. I needed to source a few bolts and nuts elsewhere because they were not included in the kit although they where described in the assembly instruction to be used. Not a big deal, but it is a hold up if you don't have the correct hardware laying around, you will need to go and buy it. Sort of annoying situation. Connecting to the MyQ app was easy and worked right out of the box, just as all the remote controllers were pre-programmed and worked flawlessly right away. The door opener is not as quiet as I hoped for, but it is still way quieter and much smoother than the old opener I had before... no real complain there, just the opinion. Today I am buying a second opener, the same opener again, for my other garage door.
    This is for the belt-driven, wifi-enabled unit without a camera. I am totally pleased with my selection, both as to brand, and as to this particular model. I have several chain-driven units installed elsewhere, and they work well, but this works better, and I think the price differential was quite reasonable.Chamberlain, same company and interoperable with Craftsman and Liftmaster units, was the pioneer of the electronic sensor, now required more or less universally across the US. Other manufacturers use their same tech in the sensors.The belt drive is quieter than the chain drive and less likely to fall out of adjustment. Follow the instructions carefully to get the tension right--it's not intuitive. When it's correct, it should vibrate at a visible rate like a lower frequency plucked string.The instructions are not easy to follow--basically there are a set of different colors on the instruction page, and you follow the instructions in sequence by color, but there is no place that gives you an overview. That's probably why they've also given several youtube channels free units to review, resulting in instruction videos of varying quality. Still, it can be installed by any homeowner that can assemble a partially assembled bicycle and plug wires into a computer. (And the assembly process is somewhat similar to a combination of those two! Tools you could use include a socket wrench, a screwdriver, a drill, and wire strippers. These are not included, but all parts are, including insulated staples for running the wires to the sensors and the wall control and a couple pieces of bracket to attach the unit itself to the ceiling.)This unit is 1/2 horsepower and works fine for any segmented or single piece garage doors that open up as opposed to sideways, provided they are counterbalanced with spring tension, as they are all supposed to be. If you have a garage door over 7' in height, you will need extra parts. The standard unit has enough travel to completely lift a 7' door out of the opening.Compared to the basic unit, this one has room for two lights instead of one (use LEDs, standard sockets,) has two included car remotes, has an included wall-mounted outside remote with a programmable keypad, and has a wall controller that includes a separate switch to turn the lights on & off without moving the door as well as a lockout and a learn button, meaning you shouldn't have to access the unit hung from the roof once it's installed, even when you add remotes or want to lock out the door. (We've already discussed belt vs chain drive.)WiFi allows you to control the garage door remotely from any smart phone with the installed app, as well as receive Amazon deliveries inside the garage if you choose. This also means you can be notified on your phone as you choose, including for opens, stops, and closes. If you close the garage door remotely, the lights on the ceiling unit flash for several seconds as a warning before the garage door begins to close, as an additional safety measure.Speaking of safety, there are two safety circuits to avoid injury. First, the sensors have to see each other for the garage door to move. If this is broken while it's closing, it reverses. Second, if the garage door hits something before it gets to the ground, it reverses. When installing, you test this with a 2x4 with the 1.5" dimension pointing up. (It is for this reason that Amazon drivers delivering packages in the garage using Amazon Key are required to wait until they see the garage door closed completely. Otherwise a foot or board inserted just before it finished closing would reopen it.)I bought this unit and installed it myself. I then had a new garage door installed, and the installers confirmed it was all safe and in good working order.A note about wiring: It takes two low voltage wires, like phone wiring already installed in the brown sheathing, or the provided two-strand wire, to go from the unit itself to the wall control. It takes two low voltage wires to go from the unit to both electronic safety sensors. While it may be non-intuitive, these are wired in parallel, so you can join them together at any point, or run separate wires and join them at the main unit.A note about installation: The most complicated part is probably hoisting the unit to the ceiling, since it is just below 7' high when installed. It can be attached using an included pin to the bracket above the garage door, while the unit is still near the floor, for instance, on top of the box it came in. Then the unit can be raised onto the steps of a ladder or a series of boxes until it is at approximate installation height. You will need to access it here in order to bolt the unit to the included or existing angle straps using the included bolts.

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