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No Monthly Fee, 4G LTE, Vehicle Location, Trip History, Driving Alerts, GeoFence, Fuel Economy, OBD Fault Codes, USA-Developed, Family or Fleets

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  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • ASIN: B01HSODG10
  • Item model number: VYNCSLINK-001
  • Best Sellers Rank: #2,619 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #8 in GPS Trackers
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Wireless communication technologies: 4G
  • Special Features: No Monthly Fee, Posted Speed Limits on MAP, 4G LTE Cat M1+Cat NB1+EGPRS OBD Wireless Global device, 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Optional, Mapping Technology: Google [Street & Satellite], Data Retention: Unlimited, Engine off Hourly Location
  • Other display features: Wireless
  • Colour: Black
  • Manufacturer: Agnik
  • Date First Available: June 30, 2016


  • GPS TRACKER FOR VEHICLES. 4G LTE DEVICE. NO MONTHLY FEE, One-time ACTIVATION fee: $39.99 (full refund if returned and account cancelled within 30 days). 1 year Service included. Renewal (USD 78.93) in 2nd year (no activation fee). REAL-TIME TRACKING: USA (AT&T , T-Mobile) and...

    User reviews

    My kid went off to college 3 states away. My kid is not car savvy and even though after talking through what to look out for on the car, a father still worries. My kid doesn't know I installed this.It has been over a month now, and all is good.Why I wanted this VYNCS GPS set up:1) This GPS tracker for a first-time college kid 3 states away. 2) It gives the Health Status of the car since it connects to the engine OBDII Ecu (engine light warnings)3) OBDII connection keeps the power to it, without hard wiring anything to the battery, or battery operated, like some other GPS. This makes it hidden GPS under your dash somewhere and remains that way with an adapter.4) Added bonus feature I didn't think about, I purchase the roadside assistance for only $20 bucks.5) Best value to me without a monthly billWe wanted to be able to find the car and my kid if anything happened while 3 states away at college. This is the one that did not have a monthly plan, just pay for 1 yr at a time, great for the money.Total was about $150 or so. The Vyncs GPS purchase, and OBDII male/female adapter, Activation, and roadside coverage for a year. And no monthly, I figured if it didn't work I wasn't signed up wiht a contract, it's like a cell phone account. But this is a one-time payment for a full year. Perfect!The car is a 2014 AWD Small SUV, and not the top 3 most reliable rated one, so I wanted some kind of notice if anything was wrong with the car.The peace of mind was our top reason at first, knowing if something happened to my kid, we can find them.Also, we didn't tell our kid this, because my kid didn't want to get tracked. But I am a father and wanted this ability to know for an emergency. My kid will be doing college stuff and that is to be expected. We are not helicopter parents, we want our kid to do it on their own. Just in case I need to give a location to a police, if car got stollen, accidents, or roadside tow truck.Buy the recommended OBDII male/female adapter is a Must-have. Because my kid doesn't know, and I still need the car to go to a mechanic. The mechanic can still plug in their OBDII scanner tool, without removing the GPS. And accidentally not plug it back in, and or tell my kid there is a GPS installed by accident.The VYNCS GPS works and you download the App on your cell phone. It uses AT&T network, so good in rural areas also.You go online to activate it, and you put your car Vin number, so it knows the car you are using, and specs.https://vyncs.com/features-vyncs-gps-tracking.aspxOnce you activate it, it might need an update on the firmware, so make sure you did this. Get on the app, and click support, and ask them to update the firmware. They will and they will ask you to unplug and plug back in.Your APP connects to the car GPS and Web Online links together.You do have options to upgrade the features.Pay extra to upgrade for More Frequent GPS Ping. standard is about each 60 seconds it pings the cell towers the location. It sends the location to your app standard time is 3 mins. You can pay a bit more to get faster status to the app.Roadside assistance upgrade, it was only 20 bucks for a full year, cheaper than any other with same amount of Towing, gas assistant and so on. I figures this was part ot the company GPS system, and App, I got the upgrade.Car Health Status, this has about 19 checks to your car. The most important can be, battery status, Gas level, air if it has TPS, and it has the engine light on. (I have not seen any so far, and I can see the Gas level when it is filled up, and battery volts, if running or not. So at least if something gives me alert, I can call my kid to bring it to the local mechanic, instead of my kid never knowing something was wrong.Gas mileage status, since it knows the model of your car, it knows the specs. It gives gas mileage readings too. Tracks how many miles driven, and when it was shut off and on. It asks about the gas prices since it knows when it was filled up.Trips, it gives a summary of a start of a trip and when it stoppedReports Speed alerts, fast turning alert, hard braking, and accident alert, meaning it detects if a really FAST harsh stop just happened. Idle alert, idling too long.Cell App, both Android and appleSupport, the APP you can click Support tech, chat, and do an upgrade from the appChat with support, it is good, each Time I needed something, they reply back, and it is also sent to you by email.App can also check status of the GPS. of good, or not so good GPS service.Map on the App is not bad, looks pretty good. You can also do images on the app, this shows last image from google maps, so you can see buildings and roads like a picture. Not a cartoon image only.App roadside assistance option, you can use the App to trigger roadside assistance. I have not used it.So, that is it, it's been about a month now, and It has helped me and gave me what I wanted at a good price, without a monthly bill.
    Best thing for teens. Also got my teen out of a lot of trouble when a guy that didn’t like him said he was being harassed by my son with my son driving to his house. Vyncs proved my son never went near his house. It shows exact location and a map with time of what routes he took. I can see if my son does detours. It also shows any issues with your car/engine. When your check engine or oil light comes on, this thing will alert you and will tell you the issue. You don’t have to take the car to a shop to pay for a diagnosis. You can show them the alert instead. Tells me when my son is in idle and when engine starts. Told me when he exceeded x mph or when he takes hard turns or brakes harshly. Trust me, this will give you piece of mind and force your teen to drive safely.
    The functioning of this product has been hit and miss - more miss than hit. My sole purpose for buying the product was to track my car’s location, and its accuracy has left much to be desired. When we first purchased the product, my husband and I drove predetermined routes to test the service’s accuracy. The trip map always showed us a ways behind our actual location - delays from minutes to hours - and sometimes a trip would not show up on the map until 24-36 hours after the trip had been taken. (The trip was properly dated when it finally did show up, but discovering the trip a day+ late defeated our purpose in having the product.) This did not improve even after I purchased the live auto refresh feature for either $20 or $30 – I don't remember. The map may refresh, but the location of the car does not - or at least not to its current location.As an example of its inaccuracy, one time I took a 20-mile trip from point A to point B and then 20 miles back to point A. The trip map properly showed how and when I went from A to B, but then showed my return trip as starting (and the car being turned on) in the middle of the freeway about halfway between point B and point A. There was no indication of how or when I got from point B to this halfway point, and not only had I never stopped the car after leaving point B, I certainly didn't start the car in the middle of the freeway (the map did not show me starting the car off to the side of the freeway at this halfway point, but literally in the middle of the road).According to the trip maps, we have more than once taken several minutes to get from the entrance of our neighborhood to our house, which actually takes about one minute, max.My husband and I also tested the product to see if it accurately determined and sent notifications of speeding. It did not.For our purposes, one of the biggest disappointments was the inaccuracy of the “zone” feature of the product (called “geofencing” in the PDF instructions). Supposedly, you can outline a geographical area on the Internet map and receive an email when the car in question enters or leaves that zone. We set up such a zone at the entrance to our dead-end street which is probably a half a mile from our house. Theoretically, every time our car went more than this half-mile away from our house, we would receive an email. We have been using this product for about three weeks now, and have only received a 2-3 emails indicating that our car was entering or leaving our street, when it has actually should be well over 100. (Every time my husband or I go anywhere in this car, we should get four emails: one for entering and one for leaving the zone created at the end of our street when we start our errands, and one for entering the zone and leaving the zone when we return home.)I used my VYNCS for the first time on July 3, 2017. I immediately realized that the default GPS update frequency of once every three minutes was inadequate, and that having the automatic update feature was much more convenient than updating the map manually, which for me meant switching out of the map screen and starting over in the drill down menus to get back to the screen that I had just closed (my Internet refresh button did not do anything). July 4, 2017 was a holiday. On July 5, 2017, I contacted the company (which was "immediately," for all practical purposes) to upgrade from the Basic service to the Pro service. The Basic service was the only option available on the Amazon site. The Pro service costs $ 50 more and additionally includes one year of roadside service, a 60-second GPS update (instead of three minutes), and the live map auto refresh feature. I wanted to pay $ 50 more to subscribe to the Pro service and therefore have these three additional features included in my plan, but I was told that because I already had the Basic plan (even though it had been in service for only two days and even though the Pro plan was not offered at my point of purchase), I would have to buy each of the three additional features at its individual price which totaled $ 70, and which I chose not to do. Not very customer friendly, in my opinion.The user manual to which the website links is outdated. The table of contents is not accurate, the list of features is not accurate, and some functions are called one thing in this manual and something else in the website instructions. You can figure out what’s going on, but I think it indicates some sloppiness on the company’s part.The marketing and website of this product includes a blatant push to give this product a social dimension among teenagers, where teenagers are supposed to have fun making a game of tracking and competing with each other’s driving skills, measured in points and penalty points for speeding, accelerating too fast, etc. This feature eliminates all associated privacy and confidentially and if a family car is shared, your teenager's friends not only know about your teenager's driving habits, but those of all other drivers of the car.This feature is so shamelessly pushed that “Vyncs Social” is the name of the homepage one reaches after logging in to Vyncs's website. Of course, users get rewards for signing up their friends.I have not used this product for any auto diagnostics, so I can’t speak to their accuracy. The product is easy to install and, at least on our model of car, it’s location is inconspicuous. The price of the service is low, but make sure you correctly purchase the plan you want at the outset, which may mean buying it directly from the company, rather than through Amazon.CONCLUSION: My conclusion is that unless sketchy (about 30%) accuracy and timeliness about location and driving characteristics is adequate, this is not the product for you. This would include an inaccurate and/or untimely indication of the car's location, unreliable information about, for instance, if the driver is driving recklessly, and no notifications which would allow you to act in a consequential manner to the information your have set up Vyncs to provide you. (It is hard to request that your child stop speeding or leave an unsafe part of town or a certain friend's house, if you haven't been notified that that is what the child is doing or that is where the child is.)If you really do want to know the information Vyncs claims to be providing you, you would be better off paying more for a monthly service and getting the results that you expect. A product isn't a bargain if it doesn't do what you are counting on it to do. If I had it to do over again, I would definitely go in a different direction, even though it would be more expensive. And when I do that now, I am not going to return the device to Vyncs; I refuse to give the company a restocking fee as a reward for having a totally unsatisfactory product. I don't know how much the restocking fee would be, as the amount indicated varies depending on where you find it on the website.I am rating this product one star because of it simply is not accurate or timely in detecting travel locations, driving characteristics, or providing the notifications I have set it up to provide. As I said, I don’t know if its vehicle diagnostics may be more satisfactory.

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